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Welcome to Valtech's Open Source Project Repository! is a platform for Valtech's open source projects. This platform supports the distribution and development of open source software. Learn more about the platform features here.

Valtech promotes the use of open source software on development projects in any commercial or industrial sectors. Using agile strategies and innovative approaches, we offer pragmatic solutions for technical problems in smaller and larger business-driven projects. Inspired by a passion for new technologies, many Valtechies have started open source projects on their own or are participating in them.

Hosted Projects

Dependometer — Dependometer validates dependencies against the logical architecture structuring the system into classes, packages, subsystems, vertical slices and layers and detects cycles between these structural elements.
JUCA — JUCA stands for "JUnit Coverage Analyzer". It is a tool which performs a static analysis of your java class files and determines which methods of your classes are (potentially) called from JUnit testcases. The results are summarized in a HTML report.
Valtech FitLibBase — Valtech FitLib Base is a basic Plug n' Test environment / framework based on FitNesse supporting the creation of automated system and acceptance tests.
Maven Fitnesse Classpath Generator Plugin — The fitnesse-cpgen plugin provides the capability to create a FitNesse classpath from a Maven2 project.
Pom Grapher — PomGrapher visualizes multi-module and parent-child relationships of Maven projects (POMs).
COBRA - Confluence Blog Reader — It is a GUI based JAVA application which informs you about the latest news on your favorite Confluence blog pages and labels.


Last changed Sep 15, 2011 18:02 by Oliver Rohr

JUCA was internally restructured to improve its maven build process and to adopt naming conventions of

The Juca Maven Plugin documentation has now been deployed and linked as well.

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Last changed Apr 17, 2011 18:59 by Oliver Rohr

Thanks to Bernhard we have included a new kind of tangle view in Dependometer. A tangle is a largest set of entities in which each entitiy is (directly or indirectly) depending on each other, thus it is - in the simplest case - a single cycle, but can also include many, many cycles.

Following versions have increased due to this new feature in dependometer-core:

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Last changed Feb 15, 2011 21:26 by Oliver Rohr

We recently got an offer to add Dependometer on the free hosted CI environment FaZend (thx. Yegor). Thus now we have virtually added an out-of-the-cloud Hudson Server to our platform. Nice work! Have a look here to inspect the build results:

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Last changed Oct 22, 2010 11:52 by Oliver Rohr

The major change is the upgrade to newer FitNesse versions, we now have the following versions included
FitNesse Version: 20100303
FitLibrary Version: 20090628

We had some trouble with our !today widget that is now also included in the newer FitNesse version but without the localazation caps of our widget, thus we needed to include a workaround. You can now use the !date widget if you need a localized !today. …

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Last changed Jul 05, 2010 22:20 by Oliver Rohr

Due to some improvements and bug fixes we added some time ago to the dependometer-core module, several new Dependometer versions are finally available now!

  • Dependometer Java: 1.2.4
  • Dependometer C++: 1.2.4
  • Dependometer C#: 0.9.1
  • Dependometer-Maven-Plugin: 0.9

The following features have been added (new for the standalone versions):

  • result-template is now automatically generated in the result directory, i.e. …

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Posted at Jul 05, 2010 by Oliver Rohr | 0 comments

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